Growing Good From The Ground Up

With thousands of acres of farmland and hundreds of partner farms, we’re proud to grow great produce in great places. For us, farming is a dynamic exercise in problem solving: how can we plant today to provide for tomorrow’s meal? The heart of our growing philosophy is in treating our land and our people right, growing sustainably for the future.

Our Farms

Surety of Supply

Unmatched Surety of Supply

With the large amount of acreage available to us and our ability to adapt to rapidly shifting market and environmental conditions, we’re extremely proud of our ability to meet our customers’ needs no matter what. And thanks to our geographic diversity, you can trust your product is always being grown in optimal conditions.


Growing Sustainably In Everything We Do

For Lipman, sustainability isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are as a company. We look at sustainability holistically, ensuring we act as good stewards of our land and produce in every step of the process. We work to continuously improve our methods to supply more with fewer resources, ensuring we can grow for years to come.

  • Transitioning to reusable, longer-lasting stakes for cleaner, more durable product, reducing waste on the fields.
  • 80-120 million pounds/year of produce is repurposed as livestock feed.
  • 100% of cardboard waste is recycled (300,000 pounds/week).
  • Achieved 70% reduction in water consumption by using drip irrigation, a savings of 66 million gallons each year.
Local Farms

Growing Local

We’re proud to support local farms and farmers through our Lipman Local program. It’s just one of the many ways we make sure our quality produce comes from quality people and places.

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