Fully Integrated For Exceptional Service

With a full suite of services that range from growing and harvesting to packing and shipping, Lipman offers control and traceability in every step of the seed-to-shelf journey. We value each stage of the supply chain, and allow each part to prosper in unity.

Every step of our process is backed by 70 years of family farming expertise

  • Food Safety
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Local Network

Food Safety

With an industry-leading food safety program, Lipman offers the highest quality washing, testing, and traceability to provide a food-safe product.

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Whether we’re working to improve our produce through our in-house R&D department or finding new ways to customize a service to meet our customers’ needs, solving new challenges always excites us.

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For us, sustainability isn’t an added bonus—it’s an expectation. At Lipman, we seek to benefit people and our planet so we can continue to grow and distribute well into the future.

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Local Network

We like to say we were local before local was cool. We’re proud of our partnerships with local growers across the country, providing the most in-season produce while supporting local agriculture businesses.

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Partnership That Goes Beyond Produce


With locations across the continent, strong local partnerships, and tens of thousands of acres of land, we grow and source our produce year-round in optimal conditions to ensure surety of supply.


Powered by the energy of the sun and cared for with indoor expertise, our greenhouses offer maximum freshness and flavor no matter the season.

Packing + Repacking

With state-of-the-art packing and repacking facilities located across the continent, we ensure your produce always arrives safe, fresh, and on time – customized to the specifics you need.


Our Fresh-Cut Solutions deliver the best produce in nature and highest levels of food safety, with services to conveniently cut, clean and package produce to ensure maximum freshness and ease‑of‑use.


As a full-service transportation and distribution operation, we seamlessly and efficiently manage our customers’ needs to ensure your product shows up on time, every time.

We’re proud to offer a full family of produce brands, no matter your needs

Lipman Family Farms®


We deliver the best of nature with fresh, quality produce. From seed and soil to packaging and distribution, we’re proud to put our name on this farm-fresh produce backed by 70 years of family farming expertise.

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Greenhouse-grown with the power of the sun for maximum freshness, Suntastic® offers delicious produce for you and your family. Grown in several major greenhouses across North America, Suntastic is fresh everywhere.

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The Crimson™


The richest, reddest, tomato variety around. The Crimson™ offers fresh summer flavor year-round, maintaining its shape and bold red color that makes for a top-of-the-line slicing tomato.

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Grown True™


Our Grown True™ line of USDA-certified organic products contains the purest produce in nature. We offer tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, and more picked from our exclusively organic acreage.

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Trust Us, We’re Locals

We grow, work, and live in communities across North America. It’s how we make sure that your produce is always close by and always shows up on time.

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