1. What is the best way to store a tomato?

Optimal storage of tomatoes is on the counter at room temperature (65-75 degrees F). Do not store tomatoes below 55 degrees F – this stops the ripening process and will leave tomatoes with lack of flavor.

2. Where can we find Lipman products in stores?

Contact your local supermarket, or visit their ecommerce website to find us in stores.

3. I’ve encountered an issue with my product and would like to let someone know.

Reach out to us at our main office line, or email us at [email protected] so we can make it right.

4. I am a local grower – how can I partner with Lipman Local?

Please reach out to us at [email protected] to inquire about local partnerships.

5. I am looking for work – how can I apply?

For available positions, please visit our Careers page to learn more and apply. If you are looking to be employed under an H2A contract, please visit our Job Board for information on the application process.¬†For internships or other opportunities, please contact us at [email protected] with a detailed description of your interest, along with a resume.

6. I am a retail, foodservice, wholesale, or distributor buyer looking to purchase your produce or get in touch with your sales team.

Thanks for reaching out! Please visit our map to find a sales office phone number in your area. We have sales representatives specific to our fresh-cut offerings, as well as regional or national account specialists.

7. What has Lipman been doing to follow COVID-19 safety precautions and protect their employees?

See our COVID Statement to learn more about our increased safety measures and care for our employees amid the pandemic.


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