Fresh, Prepared Produce That’s Ready To Serve

Lipman Fresh-Cut solutions deliver the best produce in nature, conveniently cut and packaged to provide maximum food safety and ease-of-use.

Surety of Supply

The Fresh-Cut Advantage

Whether for the on-the-go consumer or the back-of-house kitchen staff, our fresh-cut produce offers a steady supply of a variety of produce, a high standard for shelf-life and food safety, and the highest level of control over the farm-to-shelf journey.

Ease of Use

Simplifying Your Process

For back-of-house chefs and employees, our fresh-cut produce isn’t just a replacement product: it’s a gateway into simplifying your operations. When consulting with our customers, our goal is to find the most efficient and risk-reduced way to achieve freshness.

  • Reduced need for blades, slicers and other machinery
  • No worrying about quality control during prep
  • 100% usable product eliminates food waste per pound
  • Uniform product across all locations
Food Waste

100% Usable, 100% Good From The Ground Up

When you count on Lipman for fresh-cut produce, we can provide 100% useable, ready to serve product, 100% of the time. With no discrepancies in yields, you’ll get more use out of every pound of product.


A Goodness Guarantee

Whether sliced, diced, or mixed, our fresh-cut products are produced in sanitary environment, continuously monitored by our experts. These conveniently packaged products offer flexible local sourcing, individual storage and control at ideal temperatures.


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