Our Commitment To The Future

Taking care of the earth and our people are essential to us as a family company. That’s why, for us, sustainability isn’t just what we do—it’s a key philosophy that underlies who we are.


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Sustainability at a Glance

We take tangible steps to ensure every part of our operation leaves a minimal impact on our environment.

  • Transitioning to reusable, longer-lasting stakes for cleaner, more durable product, reducing waste on the fields.
  • 80-120 million pounds/year of produce is repurposed as livestock feed.
  • 100% of cardboard waste is recycled (300,000 pounds/week).
  • Achieved 70% reduction in water consumption by using drip irrigation, a savings of 66 million gallons each year

Perfecting Our Process

How do we do more with less? Through investing in new technology and automated processes, we make sure that every resource we have is being used efficiently. From computerized weather stations to irrigation systems that are individualized at the plant level to packinghouse machinery and equipment, every input and output is tracked by smart technology to ensure positive environmental impact.

Our Community

Sustainability For People, Too

Sustainability isn’t just in our commitment to the land. It’s in our commitment to the people in our company and our communities. We house 95% of our farmworkers and provide them with transportation to work at no cost. Since 1975, we’ve offered daycare for families with children through the Head Start program. We also donate between 30,000 and 50,000 pound of produce each year to food banks contributing to hunger relief programs.


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