Packed To Meet Your Needs

Whether packing in bulk or repacking to your specification, we provide a wide variety of solutions to ensure the product you need always shows up safe, fresh, and on-time.

FOB Packing

Shortening the Chain from Seed to Table

With the ability to pack at the source, we provide maximum freshness and convenience. And with the capability to customize the pack in your label at the farm level, we provide the ultimate level of control over the full supply chain.


A Full-Service Repack Operation

With 13 repack facilities strategically built across the continent, Lipman has unparalleled efficiency and turnaround time to optimize product freshness. We work in close partnership with our customers to meet their specific needs and ensure a consistent size, grade, and packaging to meet your specifications.


Our Network of Growers

No matter where you are, we have a vast network of growing partners for procurement solutions. Whether it’s through our Lipman Local program or our partnership across the continent, our surety of supply is unmatched.

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