The Lipman Local Network

Why do we partner with a variety of local farms and farmers across the continent? Is it because they grow some of the freshest, tastiest produce? Or because it helps to provide our customers with an unmatched surety of supply? Or simply that we see the necessity to support local growers and independent family businesses while being good for the environment? To tell you the truth, it’s really all of the above. We’re proud of our Lipman Local program that’s been a success for decades.

Product Quality

Freshness Year Round

Since we partner with local farms across the continent, we’re able to offer produce that’s always grown in-season. And since locally grown produce is grown right around the corner, our produce always shows up with maximum freshness, ripeness, and flavor.

Growing together

We believe quality produce comes from quality people. Here’s a look at a few of the folks who make the Lipman local program what it is.

Perez Brothers: North Carolina

Ebilio Perez and his three brothers started in the farming business over 15 years ago as harvesters on Lipman’s Immokalee, FL farms. Lipman recognized Ebilio’s growing expertise and commitment to farming and helped him and his brothers to start their operation on 50 acres in Hendersonville, NC in 2002, now growing on over 1,000 acres.



Twin Creeks Greenhouse: Ontario, Canada

Mike Cornelissen and his wife Danielle started their own greenhouse in 2017. Recognizing their growing expertise and commitment, they partnered with Lipman Family Farms in 2017 to cultivate a state-of-the-art greenhouse in Ontario, Canada. Now, they operate Twin Creeks Greenhouse and grow fresh, local produce out of their innovative greenhouse facility.

DL&B Enterprises: North Carolina

Doug Wilson and his family have had a connection to the Lipman family for almost 50 years. As a large family grower of cucumber and pepper in North Carolina, they’ve joined forced with Lipman to provide locally grown produce to their distributors and retailers in the region.

Partner Testimonials

“As a fourth generation on this family farm since 1905, I have confidence that we will be farming and growing for generations to come because of the support and partnership Lipman Family Farms.”

Local Growing Partner, New Jersey

Partner Testimonials

“Since partnering with Lipman Family Farms, we feel secure that the crop we plant will be harvested. That’s huge for a local, family grower.”

Lipman Local Partner, North Carolina

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