Setting The Standard For Food Safety

Food safety is a top priority for us at Lipman Family Farms. Our food safety program draws from industry best practices, customer insights, and scientific literature. As an organization, we’re committed to continually evolving our food safety program based on science, technological advances, and feedback we receive from multiple third party food safety audits. Because there’s nothing more important than being able to trust the food that’s on your table.

Food Safety

Our Pillars of Food Safety

Across our organization, we pride ourselves on top-notch food safety practices.

  • Industry collaboration and advocating for best practices
  • Direct participation in industry forums and board council to stay up-to-date on food safety research
  • Collaborate with academic and government affiliates on scientific research initiatives
  • Customer-specific auditing, research, and training
Food Safety

Creating a Food Safe Industry

For us, data-driven food safety information is most valuable when it’s shared and taught widespread. That’s why we work actively in industry and customer food safety forums to advocate for the sharing of best practices. We strive to facilitate openness to learn from each other, leading to enhanced food safety knowledge and improved preventative practices for all. Additionally, we’re proud of our continual financial commitment to the Center for Produce Safety in recognition of the need to continually advance food safety to protect consumers.


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