Innovating For Future Growth

Lipman Family Farms is dedicated to the crop from the very initial stage: the seed. We have invested in continuous improvement of the produce we grow, from from disease resistance and natural weather patterns to nutrient richness and flavor profiles.


Backed By Decades of R&D

We pride ourselves on having the best in the business when it comes to research and development. Our R&D team of PhD scientists create new seed varieties and proprietary products through years of dedicated trials, such as the industry-famous Crimson varietal. This extra dedication to controlling the seed in-house is what sets us apart from many of our competitors.

The Crimson

Developing The Crown Jewel of Tomatoes

We developed our famous proprietary variety, The Crimson, with our customers in mind. Through a detailed, thoughtful process, we designed this tomato to have a thicker skin that maintains it shape, and a deep, red color, making it a perfect slicing tomato and a long-time customer favorite.

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Problem Solving

Innovation From Our Hands To Yours

Our innovation doesn’t start and stop with our product. At Lipman, we pride ourselves on our culture of problem solving. Whether it’s innovative machinery to help solve supply chain bottlenecks or ingredient development to make the most of our products in your menu, we have the experts to support.

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