COVID-19 Statement

During these times of uncertainty, we want to ensure our employees and customers are aware of our precautions and steps taken to continue supplying safe and healthy produce.

Lipman Family Farms has remained open and will continue to operate as an essential service. With that being said, our employees remain our number one priority, and we stay intent and agile to keep our employees safe and healthy as we navigate this. We have taken early measures of precaution and continue to stay attentive to any new information.

  • From the onset, we implemented social distancing in the field, packing houses, and all other offices and facilities
  • We focus on extra sanitation methods within all facilities
  • We implemented staggered lunch breaks to encourage social distancing
  • We established quarantine housing and have supplied food and essential items directly to our farm workers
  • We distributed bonuses to our packinghouse employees and frontline workers

Our pride remains in feeding communities across the continent, and we strive to provide what we can during these particularly stressful times. Since the outbreak, we’ve:

  • Donated over $1,200,000 worth of produce to local food banks and community programs
  • Provided over 1,000 bags of fresh produce to frontline nurses and hospital employees to assist in keeping them healthy while they work to keep us healthy
  • Distributed handwashing stations throughout our farming communities, particularly in farmworker loading areas and popular bus stops
  • Coordinated a central Wi-Fi spot for rural students and families to have access to their online schooling

We will continue to follow proper precautions in order for our employees, communities, and customers to stay safe and receive the fresh produce they need from us. Our sincerest thanks to our frontline employees at Lipman, along with grocery retail, foodservice operations, and other essential businesses working to keep our communities fed.


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