Green Bell Pepper

A Lipman tradition, these green thickwall gourmet peppers are grown in optimal conditions to provide the sought after freshness and longer lasting crunch.

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Produce Details


Our thickwall, gourmet bell peppers are grown in optimal conditions, to provide the sought after freshness and longer lasting crunch.


Bell pepper are rich in vitamin C, providing more than your daily necessary intake in just one cup.


Crisp and refreshing with a blend of bitterness and sweetness

Pack Examples

  • Pack Size 12 x 2ct
  • Pack Style Flowwrap Tray
  • Pack Size 11lb
  • Pack Style Box
  • Pack Size 8 x 2ct
  • Pack Style Overwrap Tray
  • Pack Size 4 x 5lb
  • Pack Style Topseal Tray
  • Pack Size: 3ct
  • Pack Style: Overwrap Tray

Available now for summertime grilling promotions.

We pride ourselves on being able to fill any order. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we’re happy to customize our packing for you. Just reach out.

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