Green Beans

With guaranteed quality and year-round availability, our green beans are perfectly fresh and carefully nourished from seed to shelf.

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  • Grown True™

Produce Details


Our Lipman green beans are hand-harvested and brought to you fresh. This hand-selected product is in steady supply year-round and stays fresh, ensuring everyone can enjoy this staple vegetable, no matter the occasion.


Healthy source of many nutrients, including vitamin C, folate, fiber and vitamin K. Also a great low calorie vegetable.


Fibrous, crunchy, earthy and slightly bitter.

Pack Examples

  • Pack Size 1 lb
  • Pack Style 100% Backyard Compostable Clamshell
  • Pack Size 12oz
  • Pack Style Microwaveable Bag
  • Pack Size 24oz
  • Pack Style Microwaveable Bag
  • Pack Size 20oz
  • Pack Style Microwaveable Bag
  • Pack Size 28lb
  • Pack Style Box
  • Pack Size 12 x 1lb
  • Pack Style Resealable Bag
We pride ourselves on being able to fill any order. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we’re happy to customize our packing for you. Just reach out.
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