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Vine-ripened tomato, traditionally sweet and rich in flavor

Monet Red™

Delicately grown, picked fresh from the vine, perfectly round and naturally sweet. You would think they were a work of art.

We pride ourselves on being able to fill any order. If you don’t see what you’re looking for here, we’re happy to customize our packing for you. Just reach out.

A family of brands suited to every taste

Lipman Family Farms®


We deliver the best of nature with fresh, quality produce. From seed and soil to packaging and distribution, we’re proud to put our name on this farm-fresh produce backed by 70 years of family farming expertise.

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Greenhouse-grown with the power of the sun for maximum freshness, Suntastic® offers delicious produce for you and your family. Grown in several major greenhouses across North America, Suntastic is fresh everywhere.

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The Crimson™


The richest, reddest, tomato variety around. The Crimson™ offers fresh summer flavor year-round, maintaining its shape and bold red color that makes for a top-of-the-line slicing tomato.

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Grown True™


Our Grown True™ line of USDA-certified organic products contains the purest produce in nature. We offer tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, and more picked from our exclusively organic acreage.

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