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‘Win-win’: Lipman and longtime grower flourish together

A chance meeting almost 50 years ago led to some of the best produce on the market today. Doug Wilson was tending to cucumbers along the side of a North Carolina road when one of the founders of Lipman Family Farms spotted him and struck up a conversation. This began a relentlessly bountiful partnership that just entered its newest phase.

Wilson’s DL&B Enterprises, one of the largest cucumber and squash growers in North Carolina, partners with Lipman’s Local program to market and sell his high-volume crops. With 800 acres of harvest in the spring and another 800 in the fall, DL&B can leverage the power of the Lipman Family Farms network of distributors and retailers across the region to sell it all.

“Retailers benefit from this because they have access to the local produce their consumers demand, while still being supplied at a national level,” said Mike Shier, Procurement Manager for Lipman. “They also know they’re buying dependable, consistent product from a source with a strong reputation. That’s a win-win.”

Lipman Local has brought greater quality control, food safety and accountability to DL&B, setting their products apart from the competition and allowing Lipman to deliver the consistent quality they’re known for in a region hungry for fresh, local, seasonal produce. The broad network and expertise of Lipman Family Farms gives DL&B an edge in marketing and sales that helps move and distribute 100% of the farm’s fresh product under their local label.

In addition to squash and cucumbers, DL&B grows green bell peppers and eggplant at its Clinton, North Carolina-based farm, which Wilson and his wife, Linda, have been operating for more than half a century.

Lipman Local also partners with farms in the Hendersonville area of North Carolina and many family-operated farms throughout the country. The program supports families and businesses and reduces the environmental impacts of shipping.

Learn about a few of the Lipman Local farms here.


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