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Lipman Local Program Spotlight

JoAnna Hazel, Manager of Local Programs

As we enter into peak local growing season, we are reminded of our continued promise to nourish our communities year-round. Nothing embodies that commitment more than our Lipman Local program. By partnering with and supporting local growers, we can provide in-season produce to our communities with reduced environmental impact.

Being Good from the Ground Up means creating success for all involved. We look to grow as a team through our local program, because we know that quality produce comes from quality people – and that’s a win for us, our customers, and our local partners.

Take our partnership with Perez Brothers Farms. Ebilio Perez and his two brothers immigrated from Mexico and started in the farming industry as harvesters for Lipman. Over the years, we have grown together and they now independently own and operate Perez Brothers Farms in North Carolina and Florida.

There is a real need to support local and sustainably reach more communities. I am energized by the growth and success of our Lipman Local program and am proud to nourish communities across the country together. 

Have plans to incorporate Lipman local produce into your meals this growing season? Share with us at on social media or [email protected] to be featured on Lipman’s social media!


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