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Within the goals and resolutions lists we create for ourselves every turn of the year, being healthier (going to the gym, losing weight, eating better, etc.) is usually included. It is even on my list for 2021, but I want to make this a mindset and lifestyle change that I continue long past this year.

Since health and fitness all start with the food we consume, I have been focusing on some lighter versions of classic recipes. Although lighter recipes may be lower in calories and fat, I want to make sure there is no lack of flavor to keep the taste buds happy!

I focus on using high quality, fresh ingredients in all my recipes in order to keep dishes bright, nutritious, and easy to accomplish. I try to make food that is fun for the whole family to snack on during the day, and adding in that home-cooked feel (we are big comfort food guys here). I also make the most of our Lipman Fresh-Cut produce as it cuts down on time and unusable portions of product while keeping great, fresh flavor and visual appeal, because the more appealing we make our food look, the more satisfying it will be when we consume it.

My goal is to come back to a lifestyle of eating healthier by using as many fresh ingredients as possible in my cooking, focusing on cooking at home and including my kids to make it a family experience. By focusing on fresh ingredients and including the family, this will be an opportunity for me to help my kids understand the importance of quality ingredients and their benefits.

One of the recipes that I’ve absolutely loved recently is Grilled Shrimp & Tomato with Cauliflower Grits. Shrimp & grits is delicious, but not the best for you. Grilling is one of the healthiest methods of cooking while imparting layers of flavor. Have you ever grilled tomatoes? No? Try it!! It really compliments the juicy, tart and sweet notes of the fruit. By using cauliflower, I cut the carbs out and reduce calories to a third of what they would’ve been with traditional grits. Check it out in the most recent edition of NewsBites!

Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean that your kitchen has to close down. Keep cooking, experimenting and having fun! If you haven’t checked out the latest edition of NewsBites, give it a look. I highlighted some other really great tasting recipes that have a lighter take on them!

-Chef Wil


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