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Introducing “From the Chef” by Chef Wil

As the weather is getting colder, and the days seem to be getting shorter, we all think of the holidays that are right around the corner. Holidays mean comfort and nostalgia, and right now the world is craving it. There is nothing better to fill that void than comfort food. There are different ideas of comfort food to each one of us, but at the end of the day we want flavors and experiences to recreate nostalgic moments that bring us happiness.

As many may be having at-home cooking fatigue or are needing more simple meals to take to-go, the concepts in our fall edition of NewsBites provide comfort with flavors from around the globe, while offering simplicity and portability.

One of my go-to dishes this fall has been the Spanish-inspired Chorizo Egg Bites. I have been able to make these ahead of time; and it is a quick, high protein breakfast that is full of fresh produce and flavor. Breakfast is my favorite meal (I could eat it 3 meals a day!), and it reminds me of childhood when I would cook breakfast on Sundays for my family. Find the recipe in NewsBites Fall 2020 edition!

I’ve also been enjoying testing recipes for our Thanksgiving menu. Traditional stuffing, dressings, and green bean casseroles can be prepped more easily with Lipman’s fresh-cut green beans and other prep-free produce. With a large amount of cooking to be done on Thanksgiving Day, every simplification helps so you can make more time for family, football, and dessert!

Speaking of Thanksgiving, don’t be afraid to experiment with your traditional recipes. Elevate your green bean casserole by adding savory bacon on the inside and a crunch from toasted slivered almonds on top, or roast your sweet potatoes tossed in a sweet yellow honey curry sauce!

There is a growing interest in global cuisines and flavors; by marrying spices and ingredients from cultures around the world into your comfort foods it will bring excitement, joy and create new memories for you and your family in the kitchen.


     -Chef Wil


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