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Lipman Family Farms Announces New Manager of Culinary Development

Chef Wil Wilbur brings culinary expertise and a fresh approach to innovative role

IMMOKALEE, Fla. (February 2020) – Lipman Family Farms, one of the nation’s largest integrated networks of local growers, fresh-cut processors, and distributors, today announced the addition of Chef Wil Wilbur as manager of culinary development. This new position will collaborate with Lipman’s innovation, sales, and marketing departments to create solutions pertaining to ingredient ideation, food trends, and product development.

Chef Wil brings extensive culinary knowledge to Lipman with over 10 years of experience in the field. With a background in new product innovation and menu building, Chef Wil has a passion for thinking creatively about food.

“We are excited for our customers to benefit from Chef Wil’s culinary expertise through collaborations in both the retail and foodservice sectors,” said Kent Shoemaker, CEO of Lipman Family Farms. “With our shared passion for fresh ingredients and making the family table an enriched, cherished experience, we are excited to have Wil join our family.”

The feeling of comfort from delicious food on the table, making people happy, and curating bold flavors are what have inspired him to successfully develop over 150 regionally or nationally launched products throughout his career.

“People want increased customization in their meals. This includes the ways products are grown, handled and even the type of cut they like for their vegetables,” said Chef Wil. “We have capabilities and forward-thinking minds at Lipman that are meeting these needs for our consumers. I am thrilled to implement a program that will grow who we are as a full solutions expert from a culinary and innovation standpoint.”

In addition to his culinary experience, Chef Wil has earned three degrees over his educational career: an Associate Degree in culinary arts, a Bachelor of Arts in culinary science and food service management, and a Master of Arts in management from Texas A&M University.

Look out for Chef Wil creating magic behind the counter at Lipman’s upcoming food shows.


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